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Funding Matters: Resource Document for Submissions to the BC Government on the Watershed Security Fund. 

The BC government has launched public engagement on a new Watershed Security Strategy and Watershed Security Fund. Your submission matters!

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BC Watershed Security Fund: A Collaborative Vision

This strategic directions paper, produced by the Sustainable Funding Working Group, brings together the insights and best thinking of 16 experts and knowledge holders in Indigenous governance, local government, funding and financing, forestry and land-use practices and watershed management. The Working Group has presented a bold vision for the Watershed Security Fund along with 10 strategic directions that would help make that vision a reality. ​ The paper is intended to be a ‘dialogue starter’ that can be a resource to support First Nations, local governments and community organizations in their engagement with the provincial government on the Watershed Security Fund. Click on the report image to download.

Submission from the BC Watershed Security Coalition on the BC Government’s Watershed Security Strategy and Fund Discussion Paper

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