Pathway to Watershed Security

Building on the Coalition’s work in support of economic recovery funding for watershed security (which resulted in $27 million invested in watershed projects across the province), the BC Watershed Security Coalition will bring its collective voice on two priorities articulated in provincial government mandate letters: 1) a BC Watershed Security Strategy, and 2) a BC Watershed Security Fund. The Coalition will engage in constructive and solutions-oriented dialogue with the Province to:

  1. Create a permanent BC Watershed Security Fund that provides sustainable & independent funding for communities to build the capacity and resilience required to secure the health of their local watersheds, including the fish, wildlife and nature that depend on them.
  2. Advance Local Watershed Boards across BC working with First Nations.
  3. Create good, sustainable local jobs in restoration, monitoring, technology and planning and support education and training in the watershed sector.
  4. Advance reconciliation and deliver in a concrete way on provincial UNDRIP and DRIPA commitments.
  5. Build a more visible connection between communities and their watersheds, supporting the tourism and recreation sectors.

6. Implement the Water Sustainability Act in partnership with First Nations.

7. Establish a First Nations-BC government process to address watershed security issues.

8. Under BC’s Climate Adaptation Strategy implement nature-based solutions and green infrastructure for  Flood & Drought Mitigation.

9. Implement the Auditor General’s recommendations on Source Drinking Water Protection.

10. Appoint a new Provincial Water Security Officer.

Three key elements of the BC’s Watershed Security Strategy:


Create a BC Watershed Security Fund


Enact Implementing Legislation & Regulations


Establish a Watershed Governance Framework